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Fowler Summit System



Fowler MS/HS


For 2018-2019 there will be some additions to our educational program. Students in grades 6-10 will have the traditional core subject matters of language arts, social studies, math and science delivered in a new format. This format will allow for the following:


-Core subject matter instruction in math, science, social studies and language arts

-Technology based content that is monitored and guided by subject matter teachers

-Skill based modules that transfer into hands-on learning projects

-Ability for teachers to allow for advancement through subject matter as well as remediation




Will my student be on a computer all day?



It is true that the content, curriculum and assessments are delivered on their device via the digital platform. But it is also true that each individual core teacher will be working with students individually, in small group or large group instruction on items that they need to master the skill. Some students may work ahead or some may require extra attention from the teacher to help learn a skill. The students will be using their devices to access the platform as well as research and develop their projects.


Students currently access much of their content and research through their devices, some of this will be very similar to what they already experience. The difference is that there is a stronger focus relating their skills acquisition to their application of those skills.


Does this system meet state requirements?



In fact, this is fully supported by the State Department of Education and the State Board of Education. The Commissioner of Education, Randy Watson, has been leading our state through the process of implementing the ideas that Fowler is enacting. The major focus of the State is personalization and project based learning.


Will this system prepare my student for college?



A major focus of our system is critical thinking and problem solving. These are not only skills that will help them as they seek a career, but it will help them through college as well. The core instructional system will also help to prepare them for the academic skills necessary to succeed at the college level.

Will my student still have access to electives?



Students will have many options available to them throughout the day. In the IPS process students and parents will have the opportunity to choose various options throughout the schedule.


Grades 11/12:


These students will have the full slate of course offerings available to them. They will not be in the digital platform unless requested through the IPS. During one period a day students will be required to create an individualized project. They will work with an instructor to design a project that lasts throughout the semester. Prior to graduation, students will also be required to complete a semester long internship program. They will work with the internship facilitator to create a suitable placement.