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Fowler Schools USD 225



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July 11, 2014 Board of Education meeting minutes




MONDAY, JULY 11, 2014



Call to order: The meeting was called to order by Tim Milford at 7:04 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer.


Board members present were Mark Bergkamp, Erica Littlewood, Steve Lundeen (7:30), Duke Marrs, Tim Milford, Marjean Strong.  Stephanie Wells was absent.  Others present were Mr. Tom Dolenz, Superintendent/Principal; Mr. Mark Cook, Jr./Sr. High School Principal and Ms. Brenda Wenta, Clerk.


Election of officers:


Nominations for president were heard.  Mark Bergkamp was nominated.  Marjean Strong made a motion for nominations to cease, seconded by Duke Marrs.  Motion carried 5-0.  After a vote by hands, Mark Bergkamp was elected president with five votes.


Nominations for vice-president were heard.  Marjean Strong was nominated.  A motion was made by Duke Marrs and seconded by Marjean Strong for nominations to cease.  Motion carried 5-0.  After a vote by hands, Marjean Strong was elected vice-president with five votes.


Recognition/communications with public:  Marian Seacat, teacher representatives.


Consent Agenda: A motion by Marjean Strong, seconded by Duke Marrs to approve the following items within the consent agenda.  Motion carried 4-1(Littlewood).


A.  Designate Clerk (Brenda Wenta)

B.  Designate Treasurer (Lory Finke)

C.  Designate Deputy Clerk (Julie Jones)

D.  Approval of minutes of Regular Board Meeting on June 9, 2014 and special meeting on June 30, 2014

E.  Approve accounts payable as presented

F.  Adopt Fowler State Bank as the official depository for school district funds K.S.A. 9-1401

G.  Designate the Meade County News as the official newspaper K.S.A.64-101et.seq

H.  Adopt 1,116 hour school year and adopt the school calendar K.S.A. 72-1106

I.   Designate truancy officers for school year:  Mark Cook Jr. /Sr. High School; Tom Dolenz, Grade School K.S.A. 72-1113

J.  Approve 2014-15 Food Service Agreement

K. Appoint Mark Cook as food service hearing official

L. Appoint Rhonda Milford and Julie Jones as food service authorized representatives; food service authorized signers and claim contacts

    M. Appoint Tom Dolenz as determining official for free and reduced meal applications

    N. Establish the following school lunch program prices:

LUNCH:  Grades PK-5:  $2.10; Grades 6-12:  $2.55; Adult employees:  $3.40; Visitor:  $3.75; Visitor Sack Lunch:  $5.20; Extra milk: $.35; Reduced meal: $.40;

BREAKFAST:  Grades PK-12:  $1.60; Adult:  $1.95; Reduced breakfast: $.30;

SNACKS:  $.80; reduced snacks:  $.15

    O. Establish textbook rental as follows:   Pre-K:  $35.00; Grades K-6:  $45.00; Grades 7-12:  $55.00.  K.S.A. 72-4141

     P. Appoint Brenda Wenta as district KPERS representative

     Q. Appoint KASB Legal Assistants as school attorney

     R. Establish mileage rate same as State established rate for reimbursement (Currently: $.56)        K.S.A. 75-3203

     S. Adopt early payment request policy (Permission to pay bills that have a penalty or    deductions for early payment KSA 12-105(e)

     T.  Establish petty cash limits:  high school:  $500.00, district office/grade school:  $500.00. K.S.A. 72-8208

     U.  Designate Mark Cook as Jr/Sr High Activity Fund supervisor K.S.A. 72-8208a

     V.  Designate Tom Dolenz as Grade School Activity Fund supervisor K.S.A. 72-8208a

     W. Appoint Laurie Devine as compliance coordinator for Title VI, Title VII, Title IX

     X.  Appoint Tom Dolenz as Section 504 (ADA) Coordinator

     Y.  Approve annual public notification of non-discrimination

     Z.  Approve annual notice to provide a free appropriate public education

     a. Approve Annual notice of Section 504 (ADA) procedural safeguards

     b. Resolution to adopt the annual waiver of requirements for generally accepted accounting principles.  K.S.A. 75-1120a

     c. Resolution to establish meeting dates, time and location. K.S.A. 72-8205

     d. Approve High School Activity Fund resolution requesting exemption from K.S.A. 12-105(b) (Uniform procedure for payment of claims, presentment of claims, payments in advance of approval)

     e. Approve Grade School Activity Fund resolution requesting exemption from K.S.A.      12-105(b)

f. Approve Brenda Wenta as the Freedom of Information Officer

     g. Resolution to establish Home Rule by Board of Education

     h. Resolution authorizing destruction of old records K.S.A. 72-5369

     i. Approve Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plan document

     j. Approve consulting agreement for business manager with Zortman Tax Service

k. Authorize the clerk to make end of year budget expenditures and transfers.

l. Approve participation in the Local Consolidation funds, which includes:

Title 1 (Improving Basic Programs)

Title II-A (Preparing, Training, Recruiting High Quality Teachers/Principals)


4-year old at risk


Adoption of the Agenda: A motion by Duke Marrs, seconded by Marjean Strong to approve the agenda.  Motion carried 5-0.




    A+ Network – Steve Lundeen

    B.  Special Education – Marjean Strong

    C.  Principal/Activities Director – Mark Cook

Steve Lundeen arrived at 7:30 pm

    E.  Superintendent – Mr. Tom Dolenz


Football speakers:  It is the consensus of the board to accept the bid from Way Out Here Solutions for 2 speakers, amplifier in the amount of $3,260.00.


Network storage:  It is the consensus of the board to accept the bid from Way Out Here Solutions for a network storage hard drive in the amount of $967.27.


New technology:  It is the consensus of the board to approve the bid from Way Out Here Solutions for installation and configuring of new technology in the amount of $2,750.00.


Classified hours:  It is the consensus of the board to grant the superintendent the latitude to set the building secretaries’ hours.


Board concerns:  It is the consensus of the board to remove dead trees at the football field.




(ITV)  A+ Network Board Representative:

            Steve Lundeen was appointed to serve as the A+ Board representative, Marjean Strong as 1st alternate with the remaining board members following as alternates.


Special Education Coop Representative:

            Marjean Strong was appointed to serve as Special Education Coop representative, Erica Littlewood as 1st alternate with the remaining board members following as alternates.


KASB Governmental Relations Network:

            Mark Bergkamp was appointed representative to the KASB Governmental Relations Network.


Economic Development board:

            Tim Milford was appointed member to the Economic Development board


KASB policy updates:




            A motion by Tim Milford, seconded by Marjean Strong to approve the handbooks as presented.  Motion carried 6-0.




Executive session:

A motion was made by Steve Lundeen and seconded by Erica Littlewood to enter into executive session for 35 minutes to discuss personnel matters of nonelected personnel in order to protect the privacy interests of the individual(s) to be discussed and that the board returns to open session at 9:15 p.m.  Motion carried 6-0.  Board members, Superintendent, Principal were present.



            A motion by Strong, seconded by Littlewood to approve the following supplemental contracts:

                        Adam Sobba, head girls JH basketball coach

                        Barry Richards, head girls HS basketball coach, Junior class sponsor

                        Marcus Shaw, head boys HS basketball coach, golf coach

Motion carried 6-0.


            Lundeen moved, seconded Milford to approve the following recommendations for hire:

                        Jo Anne Ball, assistant cook

                        Marcus Shaw, Grant coordinator, At-Risk facilitator

                        Barry Richards, Math teacher


Adjournment:   A motion by Steve Lundeen seconded by Marjean Strong to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried 7-0.  Time: 9:20 p.m.