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Fowler Schools USD 225



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February 13, 2023, Board of Education Meeting Minutes

Fowler-Meade Joint Meeting


  1. Call to Order – Darrin Golliher called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Members Present:

Meade USD 226 Board Members: Darrin Golliher, Brad Bird, Ryan Stapleton,
Vince Koons, Brock Ediger, and Clayton Hardaway. Not present: Dawn Ross


Fowler USD 225 Board Members: TJ Milford, Kim Copenhaver, Dana Bartezko, Cathy Heinz, and Jeff Zortman. Fred Boyd arrived at 6:05 p.m.  


Also present: Jamie Wetig, USD 225 Superintendent, Erica Littlewood, USD 225 Board Clerk, Corri McDowell, USD 225 K-6 Principal. Brandon Haynes, Superintendent, Brenda Wenta, USD 226 Board Clerk, Tyler Flavin, Grade School Principal, and Joe Meador, High School Principal.


Guests: Kim McLachlan, Amber Zimmerman, Pat Friess


  1. Review Agreement
  • Discussion between board members and superintendents.
  1. Discussion
  • Jamie Wetig shared the outcome of the student/community meetings held in Fowler in February 2023.
  • Activities transportation


  1. New Business (as proposed)


Proposed New Wording/Proposal:


Article 1D:

Although this agreement addresses students in grades 7-12, both districts agree to honor each other’s boundaries. Therefore, should students who reside in USD 225 in grades K-6 enroll/attend USD 226 on or before the official student count date, USD 225 will count those students for FTE purposes.


USD 225 will pay BSAPP (Base State Aid Per Pupil) to USD 226 for each USD 225 K-6 grade student attending USD 226. Further, USD 225 agrees to count all students (K-6) residing in USD 225 on their SO66 form for At-Risk, High-Density At-Risk, Bilingual/ESOL, Transportation, Special Education, and Low Enrollment weightings. In addition to paying BSAPP, individual student(s) weighted funding for at-risk, high-density at-risk, and bilingual/ESOL will be distributed to USD 226 by USD 225 for K-6 students. USD 225 will retain funding for transportation, low enrollment, and special education.



Article VIID

USD 226 will provide all services for these activities including, but not limited to, tickets, gate receipts, security, athletic director, towels, game balls, scorekeepers, clock attendants, and concessions. When the event is held in USD 225, they will provide these services. Officials for all activities will be secured by USD 226. All gate fees collected by USD 225 will be given to USD 226 to help offset costs of the officials. USD 225 and 226 agree to work together and share personnel to host events and activities.


  1. Action Items
    1. Article 1D Revision/Update
    2. Article 7D Revision/Update

Discussion only. No motions made.


  1. Board Communications – Discussion only. No motions made.


  1. Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 6:42 p.m.























Members Present: TJ Milford, Kim Copenhaver, Fred Boyd, Cathy Heinz, Jeff Zortman, and Dana Bartezko.

Also present were Jamie Wetig, Superintendent, Erica Littlewood, Board Clerk, and Corri McDowell, Principal.


Guests: Kim McLachlan

Opening Prayer – Zortman lead in prayer.


  1. Call to Order: Milford called the meeting to order at 6:51 p.m.
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Adoption of Agenda (Action)

            Copenhaver moved, seconded by Milford to add Meade/Fowler Agreement under section E.

            Motion carried 6-0.

  1. Hearing of Visitors - None


  1. CONSENT AGENDA (Action)
  1. Approval of Minutes
  2. Approval of Financial Reports & Payments
    1. Cash Balances
    2. Monthly Register
    3. Summary of Funds (if available)
  3. Acceptance of any Gifts & Grants (None)
  4. Acceptance of Resignations/New Hires (None)

Zortman moved, seconded by Heinz, to accept the consent agenda as presented. Motion carried 6-0.


  1. Mrs. McDowell, FES Principal – Report given by McDowell.
  • Elementary Items
    • KESA Goals
  1. Mr. Wetig, Superintendent – Report given by Wetig.
  • District Items 
    • USD 225 Taxable Property – Meade County Appraiser visited the high school building. USD 225 will be taxed based on the square footage being rented to IdeaTek.
    • The March board meeting will be moved to March 6, 2023.



  1. TJ Milford, President – Report given by Milford.
    1. Economic Development
  • Match grant application
  • Fowler Action Committee requesting grant to revitalize two houses in Fowler.
  1. Fred Boyd, Member – No report given.
    1. Special Education Cooperative
  • A meeting will be held tomorrow, 2/14/23.


    1. Meade/Fowler Agreement
  • Discussion among the board. No motion.


    1. None


    1. None




    1. Principal Contract

Bartezko moved, seconded by Zortman to extend the principal’s contract for 1 year (2023-2024 school year). Motion carried 6-0.


    1. Boyd moved, seconded by Bartezko to move the March board meeting to March 6, 2023. Motion carried 6-0.


    1. Milford moved, seconded by Heinz to extend the superintendent contract by 10 days in June 2023. Motion carried 6-0.


  1. EXECUTIVE SESSION (Personnel Matters)

Motion: Mr. President, I move we go into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel in order to protect the privacy interest of the individual(s) to be discussed, pursuant to non-elected personnel exception under Kansas Open Meetings Act.

Milford moved, seconded by Bartezko to go into executive session, board and superintendent, for 10 minutes. 7:55 p.m. Motion carried 6-0.





Copenhaver moved, seconded by Bartezko to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried 6-0. 8:09 p.m.


For The Board of Education




_____________________________________, Board Clerk




_____________________________________, Board President