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Fowler Schools USD 225



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August 8, 2016 Board of Education meeting minutes

Unified School District #225

Regular Board Of Education Meeting

Grade School Library, Monday, August 8, 2016, 7:00 p.m.



Call to order:  Courtney Wilson, president, called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Steve Lundeen led a prayer.


Members present:  Mark Bergkamp, Richie Dewell, Steve Lundeen, Tim Milford, and Courtney Wilson were present.  Erica Littlewood-Rarden was absent. Others present were Jeff Bollinger, Superintendent, Paula Kay Watson, Board Clerk and Julie Jones, Deputy Clerk.


Recognition of Visitors/Communication:  Mickey Stout


Barbara Whitney arrived at 7:04

Richie Dewell arrived at 7:05


Accounts Payable: Bergkamp moved, seconded by Whitney to approve the accounts payable as presented.  Motion carried 6-0.


Approve Minutes: Milford moved, Bergkamp seconded to approve the July 11, 2016 regular meeting minutes.  Motion carried 6-0.


Approve Consent Agenda: Whitney moved, seconded by Milford to approve the following items within the consent agenda.  Motion carried 6-0.


A.  Designate Clerk (Paula Kay Watson)

B. Appoint Erica Littlewood-Rarden as determining official for free and reduced meal applications

C. Appoint Paula Kay Watson as district KPERS representative




            Economic Development, Tim Milford, representative, none

            A+ Network, Steve Lundeen, representative, gave his report

            Special Education, Erica Littlewood, representative, absent.

            Superintendent: Mr. Bollinger gave his report

            Principal:  Mrs. McDowell gave her report


New Business:




A. Board Email

B. Tree Row

    C. Budget-Capital Outlay

            Special Meeting Monday, August 15, 2016 at 8 a.m.




Resignation: Milford moved, seconded by Whitney to accept the resignation of board member Erica Littlewood-Rarden. Motion carried 6-0.


Cafeteria Tables:  Lundeen moved, Whitney seconded to purchase new modern cafeteria tables if the money is encumbered, if not Bollinger will wait on purchase.  Motion carried 6-0.


Copy Machines:  Consensus of the board to get bids on new copiers for both buildings


Buzzer System:  A motion was made by Lundeen, seconded by Whitney to give Bollinger authority to purchase a buzzer system for the front doors of both buildings but not to exceed $7,000.  Motion carried 6-0.


Revitalization:  Lundeen reported on the Meade County Revitalization and consensus of the board was to continue to support it for the remainder of the agreement. (5 years)


Executive Session:  Bergkamp moved, Whitney seconded to enter into executive session for 5 minutes to discuss personnel matters of nonelected personnel in order to protect the privacy interests of the individual(s). Motion carried 6-0.  Board Members, Mr. Bollinger and Mrs. McDowell were present.  Time:  8:10

            A motion was made and seconded to extend the above executive session by 5 minutes to 8:20.  Motion carried 6-0.  Board Members, Mr. Bollinger and Mrs. McDowell were present..  Time: 8:20


Kim Copenhaver joined the meeting at 8:20.



            A motion was made by Milford, seconded by Whitney to approve classified contracts as presented.  Motion carried 6-0.

            A motion was made by Whitney, seconded by Lundeen to offer a Rule-10 contract to Barry Jones as Booth Operator.  Motion carried 6-0.


            Adjournment:  A motion was made by Lundeen, seconded by Milford to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried 6-0.  Time:  9:39 p.m.


For The Board of Education


For The Board of Education


_____________________________________, Board Clerk


_____________________________________, Board President